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Shmurf and I (accidentally) organized the biggest gay-rights protest that has ever happened in the QC area!

When we got to school today, there were about 10 of the GOD HATES FAGS people protesting in front, so we went to go yell at them. Then our friends walked out of class and their friends, etc. till we had MORE THAN 80 STUDENTS CHEERING FOR GAY RIGHTS! We ended up with food, drinks, music, and signs. It was like a giant gay fiesta! We were all smiles and boogying down and cracking jokes. We protested the protesters in front of the school from 7:20 this morning till 3:00 this afternoon. We're in all the local newspapers and on all the news channels, it's so amazing!

My mom and Jessy's mom came out to hold signs, too! And people 5 blocks away said they could hear us chanting. We got so much support from the community and passerby, and the GOD HATES FAGS people were just getting booed.

One of the the coolest things was that our whole movement was completely unplanned and came mostly from us texting students inside the school and telling them to join us. The support was really outstanding.

I don't have my pictures uploaded yet, but here's a ton from a local newpaper
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