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Let's talk "Pretty. Odd."

Firstly, I am not a Panic Fangirl by any means. I've been listening to them since the "Fever..." demos came out, and I bought the cd the day it dropped. But I could care less who they're screwing and it's just been within the last month or so that I've been able to tell any of them apart.

But this cd? It's flawless, a pretty amazing show-off of their talents. They did change their sound quite a bit, but I do like it because they're the type of band that does everything with fierce fucking style. They kind of infect your brain with their sugary pop melodies and force you to sing along.

Yeah, it's a total 100% Beatles ripoff. The last album was a Chuck Palahniuk ripoff, I'm cool with that. My only problem is that now that they don't have Chuck Palahniuk quotes to fall back on, the lyrics could've used some more work. You could 'cause you can so you do? Really?

"The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know" is my favorite song from this album now. I won't cut my beard and I won't change my hair / It grows like fancy flowers but it grows nowhere. Oh, Panic. ILU.
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